Primitive Movement Training Since 2009

We are a centre of excellence for movement development and peak performance.

We are one of the few independent movement and strength training specialists in the UK capable of producing Olympic level athletes. But our training is not only for elite sports people, this is an approach to moving and living better that can work for everyone.

The SuperMonkeySystem (SMS) is about movement coaching, nutritional strategies and mindset training.

SMS training reboots your authentic foundation strength by delivering the variety and type of movement patterns your body was designed to thrive on.

Reboot your natural animal

We coach you to develop an enhanced kinaesthetic awareness through our integrated mind body approach which enables you to increase your physical performance whatever your sport or goal.

What people say about us.

“The SMS training has formed the foundation of my gym work and competition prep since I started doing it in 2012. I was suffering with back issues and within a short time the problem was fixed and I was able to swim free and easy with no pain. I got an olympic gold medal that year.”

Ruta Muiletyte
Ruta Muiletyte Olympic Breaststroke Gold Medallist

“The SMS work allowed me to build a solid base for my gym work. Injuries went away and my bench, squat and deadlift all improved substantially. Building this kind of foundation strength is an essential step for developing awesome athletic performance.”

Ben Proud
Ben Proud World Champion 50m Fly

“I encourage all of my guys to do the SMS training classes. It really does develop the kind of physical foundation that they need in order to progress their martial arts training. Its like the Ido Portal type stuff, only better as it goes from basics to advanced in a totally logical way”

Danny Macmillan
Danny Macmillan Professor, Royce Gracie BJJ

“The change I have seen in both of my boys’ physicality over the last year of doing the SMS training is amazing. Posture, balance and strength have all developed to an outstanding degree. The system is safe for juniors and great fun. I even do it myself now and come out buzzing. Highly recommended”

Declan Gray Father of junior athletes

“What a great way to start the day. Every dancer should learn to warm up and train like this. Its great fun and really helps develop aspects of movement that other training neglects. This should be part of every dance training!”

Olivia LockwoodDancer and choreographer

“I have never seen data improvement like this in my time in sport, in fact the scores for peak power are above elite for the strength and power groups we have collected measures on within EIS so great work on this!”

John Watson Strength and Conditioning, English Institute of Sport

Like all monkeys, we LOVE to have fun and play.

The SMS has its emphasis on Natural Movement Efficiency. Understanding this can help unlock your pre-programmed movement patterns and your hidden power.
With this as your foundation, you can build a structure that will last you a lifetime.

In order to move well and without pain we need a solid foundation of these primary patterns. If your foundations are poor, sooner or later, you will start to crack and crumble – lower back or neck pain for example. If you exercise regularly or are a more serious athlete, this is your knee, hip or shoulder niggle. SMS uses movement training to develop movement efficiency and fix injury.

Move better, live better.