How does it work?

The SuperMonkeySystem (SMS) training and authentic approach to nutrition and mindset present a unique pathway to moving and living better.

Drawing from nature and primate evolution for inspiration and rooted in the infant human developmental movement sequences we are born with, SMS training reboots your programs to restore function, symmetry and performance, allowing you to move with mobility, strength and power.

SMS is for anyone who has the desire and commitment to move better, train differently and live better.

We don’t work with ‘levels’ of training. We teach people to discover and re-engage with their own movement capabilities. It’s all about moving, mindset and understanding what ‘authentic movement’ is. Everyone’s journey will be different. It becomes as hard or as easy as you choose to make it or allow it to be.

It’s a little like a river finding the most efficient pathway through a landscape to reach the sea.

The system has 3 components:







 Your true movement foundations come from:

– Early childhood proximal joint and trunk control. In clinical medicine these are called neuromuscular developmental milestones. We all did them as infants but can lose them as adults.

– Evolutionary form and function. This means that over 1.5 million years of hominid evolution our bodies have changed in order to be able to do certain movement patterns essential for survival.

This is your ancestral physical inheritance.

We are designed to move in certain ways in order to live well and have strong, flexible, mobile bodies that last a lifetime. But western contemporary living undermines all that. Sustained bad posture at school or work with additional hours of sitting watching TV, computer games and driving all add up to long term abuse of our wonderful spines. Even when we do move, its often only to endlessly repeat the same monotonous patterns, walking, running, swimming, cycling. Setting up imbalances and degeneration of joints and tissues. Even with elite athletes, most of the injuries they suffer are due to repeating the same movements over and over and over!

The human body thrives on variety.

The result of limited variety and range of patterns is limited physical capability. This creates physical dysfunction with restriction and pain in spine, neck, hips, shoulders, knees etc. Our bodies are made to be used through a full range of movements and doing so maintains the joints and tissues in peak condition.

The SuperMonkeySystem utilises a unique 3 tier authentic training system to re-boot and re-condition your foundational patterns, giving you back your ability to move with true mobility, stability and strength through a physically honest variety of movement patterns and ranges.


The 3 Training Tiers

1. Canopy – climbing, hanging, swinging, high balance etc (upper limb + spine)

2. Transitional – getting off the ground: low balance, partner work, inversion, vaulting, jumping etc (Lower limb, hip + spine)

3. Groundwork – primary patterns: crawling, rolling. squatting, hopping etc (Core, trunk)

unlock your authentic animal efficiency

In SMS training we also place great emphasis on the internal journey of how a movement feels on the inside. When a body is moving authentically, movement looks and feels efficient and smooth. When we watch an elite athlete, dancer or other animals move we see grace, efficiency and flow.

By coaching you through an integrated mind body approach we guide you in developing an enhanced kinaesthetic awareness which enables you to increase your physical performance.

Once you have regained ownership of your authentic foundations you can move on to developing advanced levels of strength and power in the gym or in your sport, safe in the knowledge that your building on a solid foundation which protects from injury and allows you to achieve your full potential.



Its not just about training athletes to ‘zone’ in on the right way to think for competition success, we can all benefit from harnessing a little more focus and mindfulness as we start to re-engage with our bodies.

Just like diet and movement, developing an awareness of how we move requires daily practice and focussed effort.

SMS training embraces the importance of cultivating the right mindset and we constantly reinforce a self directed focus of intent whilst movement training.

Its not just about moving from A to B but more about becoming aware of how you have moved from A to B and then, how to make it more efficient. As you develop this skill you will be able to influence more easily your effort, intention and level of control required to move with ease and unrequired tension.

Where the mind goes, the body will follow

Your ‘automatic’ self-talk should be immediately performance enhancing, not of a negative nature. Telling yourself you cant do something or ‘its too hard’ severely limits your likelihood of a successful outcome.

Through SMS training you will learn to overcome a negative mindset and achieve more than you thought yourself capable of. In time you will be able to carry that mindset into all aspects of your life, both moving and thinking with flow, ease and confidence.

Think better, Move better, Live better.

SMS – Diet and nutrition

The point of the SuperMonkey Ancestral diet method is to return to the basis of a dietary regime which was our normal for well over 1.8 million years. We are born to be essentially opportunistic vegetable based foragers with the occasionally successful meat kill or scavenge.

Seasonal abundance and regional availability meant we didn’t eat well all the time, sometimes not at all. We had a wide variety of foodstuff and we put a lot of effort into simply working to find things to eat to survive and thrive. Often covering a lot of ground. Your ancestors were good at it or you wouldn’t be here.

We put a lot of time into helping each client arrive at their optimal nutritional strategy, we are all a little different and it takes some time to get the balance just right. If your an elite athlete or joe public, you have to get it right for you.

You can never out-train a bad diet

In very general terms, here are our basic rules;

– No regular refined sugars. (e.g. sugar, honey, juices, sweets, Coke etc)

– No regular refined carbs (e.g. bread, pasta, cakes, crisps, cereals, rice etc).

– Rarely fruit smoothies, potatoes, red meat.

– Eat as much chicken, fish, eggs and vegetables as you like.

– Plenty of nuts, seeds and berries.

– A little fruit.

– Eat something you have grown or foraged every day (eg sprouted seeds).

– Eat only 1 main meal.

– Small snacks through the day (eg nuts or small dose protein shake).

Occasionally (e.g. once in 2 months).

– A feast – pasta or rice dish, red meat dish, a little honey.

– A fast – a day (or two) when you don’t eat, just drink

– Remember – it’s good and natural to feel very hungry at times and not always eat. Our ancestors had no choice, but we do and we need to exercise intelligent control in our modern lives and embrace this mild discomfort. Our bodies soon adjust.

Three square meals is a myth.