Paz Payne

For 13 years I was a professional contemporary dancer. During rehearsals in 1995 I landed badly and tore a knee ligament and meniscus. Following a surgical tidy up, and drawing on my own knowledge of movement training I did my own rehab and got back to performing in rapid time. After helping a few others recover from injuries, I decided to take it further.

In 2002 I qualified as a Physiotherapist and went on to work in the NHS, military and in pro sport, ultimately as Head Physio in premiership rugby. I soon realised that most of the injuries we were seeing were because of underlying faults with basic movement patterns. Things only got properly fixed and injuries resolved when we spent more time focussing on fixing the underlying movement qualities of athletes. I later qualified as a strength coach and began to integrate the concepts of moving well and gym work with weights into a logical continuum.

In 2009 I Started PhysioConditioning and began to deliver the SuperMonkeySystem (SMS) of natural movement training and performance development.

Since then we have gone from strength to strength, building a growing reputation for producing exceptional results for a wide range of clients from fitness keen Joe Public right up to World and Olympic Champions Ben Proud and Ruta Meilutyte.

More than 30 years of experience with human bodies, injuries and movement, has allowed us to develop a unique approach to physical training. SMS reboots our primitive physical connections and liberates us from the restrictions of a modern lifestyle and environment. We learn to rediscover our ancestral strength, agility, mobility and balance.

Im in my 50s now and in the best shape since my 20s thanks to my SMS training.

Sher Green

I live and train by my ethos…believe, achieve! With a positive attitude I believe that anyone can achieve the goal they desire. I believe that positive energy, enthusiasm and love for what you do inspires and challenges us all to get the most out of training and life. Fitness is my passion and my hobby as well as my job. I am active and outgoing and enjoy all areas of fitness, including outdoor pursuits such as paddle boarding and mountain biking. Martial arts is a passion. I train in Jujitsu, Kickboxing and Escrima for which I have gained my blackbelt grade.

I have been inspired by the SuperMonkeySystem and the way that it draws on aspects of martial arts and strength training to create a unique new approach to movement performance and development.

Kuldip Singh-Barmi

The human body and its capability for expression and movement exploration has always fascinated me. I graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance 1992 and was a founding member of CandoCo Dance Company.  I have performed with choreographers including; Emilyn Claid, Lloyd Newson (DV8), Siobhan Davies, Darshan Singh Bhuller (Singh Productions), Annabel Arden (Theatre de Complicite), Kwesi Johnson (Kompany Malakhi), RJC Dance Company, Fidget Feet Arial and Attik Dance. As a freelance artist I have worked as a Choreographer, Rehearsal Director, Choreographic Advisor and mentor. My current performance practice is focused on improvised collaborative scores with other dancers and musicians (Tate St Ives 2017, Pavilion Dance Bournemouth 2016).

I completed a BA(Hons) Choreography at Dartington College of Arts (2010) and an MA Creative Education from Falmouth University (2016). I am Senior Lecturer in Dance at Falmouth University and received a Teaching Excellence Award (2011) and the outstanding Teaching Award (2014). I incorporate SuperMonkeySystem into my regular sessions with students.

Sue Payne

I manage bookings and will be your first contact when you get in touch with SuperMonkey or PhysioConditioning. I will be able to book you in for training or movement screening and give you information on our classes, workshops and one to one training. I am also an independent dance artist. My choreographic projects include film commissions, site sensitive performance and socially engaged participatory dance. My dance projects are guided by my belief that the potential for accessible, high quality dance, that has the power to touch others, lies in the most unexpected places and that dance can reflect and reveal real lives across the broadest spectrum of experience.

I have worked on dance projects with cancer survivors, with older people to help prevent falls and with many other health and social partners. and I was a Rayne Fellow 2006, Choreography Lecturer at Dartington College of Arts (2007-2009) and competed a PhD (2015) at Falmouth University. I am a Clore Fellow 2017. I have worked extensively across the UK and internationally with choreographers including Wendy Houstoun, Emilyn Claid, Nigel Charnock and Siobhan Davies.